Proceedings_Fall River County December 17, 2019


Fall River County Unapproved Minutes of December 17, 2019
The Fall River Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on December 17, 2019. Present: Joe Allen, Joe Falkenburg, Heath Greenough, Paul Nabholz, Deb Russell, and Sue Ganje, Auditor
The Pledge of Allegiance was given, and the meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.
The agenda was reviewed for conflicts; none were noted. All motions recorded in these minutes were passed by unanimous vote, unless otherwise stated. The full context of the meeting can be found on the county website under Commissioners at, or, under Fall River County Commission, SD at, Fall River County Commission SD.
Motion made by Greenough, seconded by Allen, to approve the agenda, as written.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to approve the minutes of December 3, 2019, with the following corrections to the published unapproved minutes: reflect that 30 minutes of the video were lost at the end of the meeting and could not be recovered; Greenough voted aye, instead of nay, for Ordinance 2019-1 possible fines, and Allen stepped out of the meeting momentarily and did not vote on the motion to go into executive session.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Greenough, to set a supplement and contingency transfer hearing for December 31, 2019 at 9:05 a.m.
Motion made by Greenough, seconded by Russell, to surplus to junk 2 CPU’s, Treasurer’s Office, #01663 and #01972.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the Memorandum of understanding between SDSU Extension and Fall River County for 2020.
Motion made by Allen, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the correction to parcel #65030-00000-04300, Peggy L. Semler, to reverse abatement and issue a refund in the amount of $362.07, as taxes were paid at the time of the motion.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the revised Intergovernmental Contract for the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance.
There were no county assistance or death expense applications.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Allen, to postpone the Real Estate Tax Payment plan until the first meeting in January.
Susie Hayes, Director of Equalization and Kelli Rhoe, Treasurer, met with the board to discuss the process for tax deeds and to ask for a committee for a policy on future sales. The board agreed a surplus sale on tax deeds would be held, and a committee was not needed. A policy would be brought back to the board.
Andrea Powers, SHEDCO, met with the board. Further discussion was held on tax deeds and the Bulldoze, Build and Beautify grant. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Greenough, to transfer all Edgemont tax deed properties to the City of Edgemont, contingent on Edgemont City Council approval. Powers will work with the City of Edgemont for the BB&B grant.
The supplement and contingency hearing was held as advertised. Motion made by Allen, seconded by Nabholz, to approve the following resolution:
Fall River County Resolution #2019-45
Supplemental Budget 2019, #4
Contingency Transfers 2019, #5
WHEREAS, SDCL 7-21-22 provides that the Board of County Commissioners may adopt a supplemental budget, and whereas, as due and legal notice has been given, the following Supplements to expenses for December 17, 2019 be approved as follows: General Fund: Sheriff Vehicle 10100X4341211, $25,167.31 Claims Associates; HAVA 10100R3310210, $9,000.00 HAVA Reimbursement; Mosquito 10100R3310900, $11,167.28 Grant; Weed and Pest 10100R3340100, $29,365.00 Grant; Brookside 10100R3380100, $18,627.00 PILT; Evans 10100R3380180, $5,508.97 PILT. Means of finance to be cash, and cash for revenues received, and
WHEREAS, SDCL 7-21-32.2 provides that the Board of County Commissioners may adopt a transfer appropriation from the contingency budget to other appropriations, which are insufficient, a contingency transfer shall be approved and adopted to the following Departments: Commissioners other projects 10100X4262111, $5,083.29; Mental Illness Board 10100X4221445, $7,921.00; Court Appointed Attorney Fees 10100X4260153, $79,975.00; Abuse & Neglect 10100X4260154, $23,312.00; IT/GW Technology 10100X4342171, $13,752.00; 24/7 Sobriety Expense 24800X4260211, $4,674.00; Dispatch Equipment 20700X4340225, $1,056.00
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners to adopt the Supplemental Budget, #4 and Contingency Transfer #5 for 2019.
Dated at Fall River County, South Dakota this 17th day of December 2019.
/s/Joe Falkenburg
Fall River County Board of Commissioners
/s/Sue Ganje
Fall River County Auditor’s Office
Tyrel Schmelz, Regional Habitat Manager from SD Game Fish and Parks met with the board to discuss the maintenance of Battle Mountain Road, work with the City of Hot Springs, grant funding and possible costs for the road.
Frank Maynard, Emergency Management, met with the board. Motion made by Greenough, seconded by Russell, to add Vince Logue, Deputy Sheriff, as an authorized purchaser at South Dakota Federal Surplus to pick up items.
Maynard updated the board about the water heater in the south annex and a strong sulfide odor when the hot water is used, as well as a strong sewer odor smell in the building. The board requested that Maynard and Lyle Jensen look into these things more and bring back to the board.
Maynard also updated the board about National Cyber Security review, trainings he participated in and fires and incidents.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Allen, to pay the bills as follows:
General Fund: Audra Hill Consulting,Inc, Mi Qmhp Evaluation, $306.15; A-Z Shredding Inc, Shredding, $110.60; Bob Barker Company Inc, Supply, $713.01; Beesley Law Office, Caaf, $294.50; Black Hills Chemical, Supply, $135.49; Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $1,493.28; Century Business Leasing, Copier Lease, Usage And Meter, $279.25; Cheyenne Sanitation, Sanitation Collection, $371.73; Clinical Laboratory Of, Autopsy, $1,978.00; Colbath, Angela M, Caaf, $26,640.35; Comfort Inn & Suites, Safety Benefits Training, $185.00; Correct Rx Pharmacy Serv., Inmate Pharmacy, $795.82; Culligan Soft Water, Rental/Supply, $223.50; Dakota County Sheriff, Tax Deed Served, $70.00; En-Tech Llc, Fumigation, $110.00; Dude Solutions, Gis Support Contract, $253.31; Farrell,Farrell & Ginsbach, Caaf, $22,332.91; 4-H Members Assembly, Supply, $20.00; Fall River County Herald, Publication, $397.73; Geib, Elston, Frost Pa, Autopsy, $3,369.70; Golden West Technologies, It Support/Contract, $4,732.40; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $1,341.72; Hammel, Terral, Herbicide Reimbursement, $2,619.03; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Supply, $181.80; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $347.84; Hot Springs Automotive, Supply, $255.38; City Of Hot Springs, City Water Bill, $688.82; Lakota Times, Publishing, $28.70; Lynn’s Dakotamart, Supply, $64.49; Lynn’s Dak. Mart Pharmacy, Inmate Pharmacy, $199.89; Manlove Psychiatry Group, Qmhp, $168.39; Maricopa County, Tax Deed Served, $400.00; Marco, Copier Lease, $165.00; Mastel, Bruce, Database Setup & Monitoring, $35.00; McGlumphy, Erin, Reimbursement, $358.05; Mcleods Office Supply Co., Supply, $28.93; Microfilm Imaging Systems, Scanning Equip Lease, $202.50; Mower, Bredna, Blood Draws, $75.00; National Sheriff Assoc, Nsa Membership Dues, $65.00; Nelsons Oil & Gas Inc., Utility, $765.20; Neofunds, Postage, $619.05; O’Neill, Justin, Caaf, $1,096.30; Penn Co Sts Attny Office, Mi, $430.00; Pennington County Jail, Inmate Housing Pennington, $7,988.51; Pennington County Sheriff, Tax Deed Served, $57.74; Quill Corporation, Supplies, $561.63; Rapid City Journal (The), Publication, $567.20; Regional Health, Morgue Fee, $461.00; Sanders, Carl, Herbicide Reimbursement, $1,158.44; Sdacc, Special Catastrophic, $1,317.00; Sd Department Of Health, Blood Draws, $555.00; Sd Dept Of Revenue, Auto/Mi State Remitt, $60.00; Servall, Rugs And Mats Service, $377.31; Software Services Inc, Software Services, $460.00; Spitzer Construction Inc, Snow Removal, $450.00; State Of Sd Treasurer, Public Defender, $351.27; Walz, Jesse, Blood Draws, $75.00; Weichmann, Cynthia, Court Reporter, $334.40; Wendell’s Garage, Vehicle Maintenance, $193.36; Thomson Reuters, Supply, $69.62; Winner Police Department, Transport, $67.20; Winter, Paul R, Caaf, $6,162.60; Frahm, Orval, Herbicide Reimbursement, $770.50; Osmotherly, James, Herbicide Reimbursement, $450.60; Trent, Ron, Herbicide Reimbursement, $249.41; Lockhart, Grady, Herbicide Reimbursement, $2,170.00; Sides, John, Herbicide Reimbursement, $241.99; Henry, Gale, Herbicide Reimbursement, $652.00; Tlustos, Wesley, Herbicide Reimbursement, $312.25; Semler, Peggy, Tax Refund, $84.78; Landers, Jay, Herbicide Reimbursement, $824.48; Ash, Ken, Herbicide Reimbursement, $1,525.64; Cook, Dr. Thomas, Herbicide Reimbursement, $74.34; Kindred, Kenneth, Herbicide Reimbursement, $177.97; Paprocki, Telca, Herbicide Reimbursement, $80.95; Brown, Rory, Herbicide Reimbursement, $1,185.45; Lewis, David, Herbicide Reimbursement, $120.25; Tubbs, Mark, Herbicide Reimbursement, $137.09; Stearns, Jerry, Herbicide Reimbursement, $396.11; Smith, Dean, Herbicide Reimbursement, $11,301.78; Hanson, Kent, Herbicide Reimbursement, $161.89; Molitor, Dale, Herbicide Reimbursement, $1,080.36; Farley, Barb, Herbicide Reimbursement, $197.08; Hinn, Terry, Herbicide Reimbursement, $40.47; Fish, Don, Herbicide Reimbursement, $522.00; Allen, Kimberly, Herbicide Reimbursement, $813.08; Frost, Jack, Herbicide Reimbursement, $112.06; Juniper Cattle Company, Herbicide Reimbursement, $121.42; Lucey, Stoyan, Herbicide Reimbursement, $128.17; Mcm, Llp, Herbicide Reimbursement, $482.66; Wulf Whitcher, Amanda, Herbicide Reimbursement, $47.23; Bogner Ranch Inc, Herbicide Reimbursement, $877.30; Sanders, Clayton, Herbicide Reimbursement, $361.02; Anderson, Dale, Herbicide Reimbursement, $914.47; Lorenz, Kelvin, Herbicide Reimbursement, $1,735.40; Rasmussen, Sheldon, Herbicide Reimbursement, $40.47; Hupp, Steve, Herbicide Reimbursement, $62.40; Romey, Tracy, Herbicide Reimbursement, $970.02; Miller, Tom, Herbicide Reimbursement, $80.94; Weller, Tom, Herbicide Reimbursement, $56.55; Hook, William, Herbicide Reimbursement, $54.58; Total For General Fund: $125,831.26
County Road & Bridge: A & B Welding Supply Co., Supply, $234.20; Blessing, Brett, Clothing Allowance, $150.00; Bomgaars, Supply, $48.99; Butler Machinery Co., Service/Supply, $189.40; Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $264.92; Cheyenne Sanitation, Sanitation Collection, $74.00; City Of Edgemont, City Of Edgemont Water, $80.60; Dware Inc, Annual Software Agreement, $3,050.00; Floyd’s Truck Center, Supply, $756.53; Fall River Auto Supply, Supply, $106.98; Forward Distributing, Parts/Supply, $20.50; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $256.75; Hot Springs Automotive, Supplies, $677.68; City Of Hot Springs, City Water Bill, $25.56; Kd Contractors Inc, Gravel, $800.00; Lawson Products, Parts, $259.97; Maciejewski, Calvin, Clothing Allowance, $150.00; Newman Traffic Signs, Signage, $223.66; Quill Corporation, Supplies, $63.98; Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac, Maintenance, $817.92; Rapid Delivery, Delivery, $13.23; The Little Print Shop, Supply, $302.16; Total For County Road And Bridge: $8,567.03
911 Surcharge Reimbursment: Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $6.00; Golden West Technologies, It Support/Contract, $250.00; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $806.34; Century Link, 911 Dispatch Lines, $605.15; Total For 911 Surcharge Reimbursment: $1,667.49
Fire Protection Fund: Buffalo Gap Fire Dept, 2019 Budget Allottment, $1,080.00; Total For Fire Protection Fund:    $1,080.00
Emergency Management: Cardmember Service, Cardmember Services, $295.31; Comfort Inn & Suites, Safety Benefits Training, $92.50; Golden West Technologies, It Support/Contract, $8.50; Golden West, Phone Bill/Long Distance, $164.25; Marco, Copier Lease, $38.90; Quill Corporation, Supplies, $88.37; Wendell’s Garage, Vehicle Maintenance, $111.24; Total For Emergency Management: $799.07
24/7 Sobriety Fund: Quill Corporation, Supplies, $179.85; Total For 24/7 Sobriety Fund: $179.85
Courthouse Building Fund: Tessier’s Inc, Service, $1,341.25; Semler, Peggy, Tax Refund, $3.79; Total For Courthouse Building Fund: $1,345.04
Total Paid Between 12/4/19 And 12/17/19:    $139,469.70
Break was taken at 9:52 a.m. and meeting resumed at 10:00 a.m.
Public comment was heard from Jim Angell, Deb Russell, Paul Nabholz, Sheriff Evans and Casey Neugebauer. Discussion was held on highway traffic at the Dollar General in Edgemont and who to contact for possible safety measures; designating a commissioner for the legislative process (Greenough volunteered); raising the Mickelson Trail underneath the Chilson Bridge; 14 males, 0 females in Fall River County Jail and 2 males and 1 female in Pennington County Jail and the unmuffled dynamic brake ordinance.
Randy Seiler, Highway Superintendent, met with the board. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to approve the November 2019 fuel used or work performed to reimburse the highway department as follows: Sheriff’s Department for $2,278.35; Weed and Pest Office for $238.25; Building for $64.84; Emergency Management for $117.60; and Director of Equalization for $144.42.
Motion by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to sell and advertise for sealed bids on a 2013 Caterpillar motor grader, serial # R9G00205, model #140M2 AWD, bid opening to be on January 7, 2020 at 10:15 a.m.
Seiler presented the board with the following road grader quotes:
RDO, 2020 John Deere 772GP, $305,968.34 + 2019 Little Fall Machine V-90 $9,995.00 = $315,963.34 - $129,200.00 (Buy Back) = $186,763.00
Butler Cat, 2019 Caterpillar 140M3 AWD, $321,300.00 - $135,000.00 (minimum Buy Back) = $186,300.00
Representatives for RDO and Butler Cat were present to answer questions. Motion made by Allen, seconded by Russell, to approve the purchase of a 2019 Caterpillar 140M3 AWD, $321,300.00 - $135,000.00 (Buy Back) = $183.300. With Greenough and Nabholz voting no, all others voting yes, by roll call vote, the motion carries.
Susie Hayes, Director of Equalization, met with the board for hire approval. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Allen, to allow Hayes to re-hire Justine LeBar on a temporary/part time basis, at $12.00 per hour, working up to 15 hours per week, until such time that a full-time person is hired for the position.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Nabholz, to allow the purchase of 3 computers at approximately $750.00 per computer, to be purchased in the 2020 budget.
Hayes discussed her current copier lease ending soon and will bring a new lease amount back to the next meeting.
Lyle Jensen, Building Supervisor, met with the board to present a quote. Motion made by Russell, seconded by Allen, to approve the Golden West Quote in the amount of $3,198.00 for the balance of sheriff computers.
Jensen also spoke on the Care Center in Rapid City; and also discussed a possible training by the SDPAA (county insurance carrier) for commissioners in January, following one of the meetings. Russell reported that at her recent SDACC Executive Board meeting the decision was made to only have the commission/welfare workshop every other year, starting in 2021.
Paul Nabholz, Commissioner, met with the board. Discussion was held on testing of the 2019 gravel that was crushed, and that the P.I. testing was below bid specifications. Other commissioners believe in going forward and using the gravel in areas of the county where it would work well with soil conditions.
A short break was taken at 10:49 a.m. and meeting resumed at 10:54 a.m.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to enter into executive session, as per SDCL 1-25-2 (1), SDCL 1-25-2 (3) and SDCL 1-25-2 (4) for personnel, legal and negotiation purposes at 10:55 a.m. There are no action items when the board comes out of executive session except to adjourn.
The board came out of executive session at 11:19 a.m.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to adjourn at 11:20 a.m.
/s/ Joe Falkenburg
Joe Falkenburg, Chairman
Board of Fall River County Commissioners
/s/ Sue Ganje
Sue Ganje, Fall River County Auditor
Published once at the total approximate cost of $183.96
Published: Jan. 9, 2020

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